Educational Workshops and
Consultancy (English / Cantonese)

Our educational workshops are held by highly qualified and experienced teachers. We provide various on-site tailor made educational workshops for parents, teachers and schools, including:

  • Educational workshops for parents

  • Professional development workshops for English teachers

  • English curriculum consultancy for schools

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Educational Workshops for Parents

We provide workshops for parents to provide them with practical parenting skills and strategies. In the past, our team has already presented the following workshops:

  • Home environment: Creating a positive English learning environment for your children

  • Ways to motivate my children to learn English

  • Special Learning need: Is it a gift?

  • International school or local school: Unpacking issues of HK schooling

Professional Development Workshops for English Teachers

We provide professional development workshops for English teacher of both primary and secondary levels. In the past, our team has presented the following workshops for English teachers across Hong Kong:

  • The teaching of reading

  • The teaching of speaking

  • The teaching of listening

  • The teaching of writing

  • Needs analysis

  • The teaching of process writing

  • Language arts and English teaching

  • Motivation and language learning

  • The teaching of grammar

  • Critical issues of English teaching

  • Language across curricula

English Curriculum Consultancy for Schools

Apart from professional development workshops for parents and English teachers, our team also provide professional consultancy service to schools in designing and fine-tuning their curricula. Specifically, our team has served several schools in designing curriculum in the aspects of:

  • Sequential grammar teaching

  • Sequential teaching of speaking

  • Curriculum planning

Educational Workshops

for Parents

Development Workshops

for English Teachers

English Curriculum

for Schools