Science Programmes

Programme for Kindergarten and Primary Students

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Smart Science is a series of specially designed science courses in English, providing an interesting and comprehensive scientific programme. Through hands-on experiments and fun interactive learning experience, children enhance their ability and confidence to study science, stimulating children's interest in learning science, thereby providing a strong power of scientific knowledge to young learners.

Children learn scientific thinking skills through doing scientific experiments and learn a variety of scientific designs and knowledge. Children will do scientific measurements and learn to make comparisons by using charts and scientific vocabulary in English to describe results. Inferred using scientific principles and methods will then be applied to draw conclusions.


Children learn quickly through established scientific ways of thinking. They will expand their science and English vocabulary base; strengthening children their use of English listening, speaking, along with reading and writing skills to improve their confidence. This course will help your children prepare and become closer to have an excellent and bright future.

teacher qualification

The students in our Smart Science programme are taught by highly experienced and qualified English-speaking science teachers.